Data Munging in the Data Jungle”


Specializing in the Automation of Data Extraction/Conversion/Aggregation

Drowning in the Data Jungle, Look No Further. abcParsing may be able to come to the rescue! 

Have you ever been confronted with the labor intensive and boring task of extracting various data fields of interest from 100's or even 1000's of different files, transforming the data, and then consolidating the filtered data into a single Excek file for analysis? Did you feel that the problem was so overwhelming that it required the hiring of an additional head count? Did you feel that the only way to solve the problem was through purchase of a new and expensive software package?

Would it not be so nice if you could enjoy sipping a cup of coffee rather than being held hostage by a computer prompting you for a response every 30 seconds?

If you find yourself drowning in the data jungle, or in need of automation, look no further. abcParsing may be able to come to the rescue with a customized solution.

In a nutshell, abcParsing specializes in solving the data extraction/conversion/ aggregation problems that confront us and impede our ability to move forward. In a world of disparate data formats, and scattered data, our specialty at abcParsing is to help provide the glue logic that makes this data readable by humans or acceptable by existing software tools.

The Data Extraction task typically could involve the reading from thousands of sources each lying in a different directory, a different computer, or a different website.  After conversion and transformation, the data is aggregated into a number of result files. Result files of most customers are typically Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. This allows for further analysis using filters, pivot tables, and charts.  Excel is an extremely powerful and easy to use tool for conducting data analysis or for report generation.

Alternatively, the process can involve a simple reformat where data is fed into another data base or tool.

Our solutions come as simple scriptsfor quick and one-time solutions. Alternatively, we can customize and create GUI-driven automation tools where the need is on a continuous basis.

The goal of abcParsing is to make your job more pleasant & easier by removing the error-prone & boring manual tasks involved in navigating the data jungle. This allows you to concentrate & focus on the more important aspects of your deliverables- namely the data analysis part. Or just simply relax and be lazy.

We’d love to talk to you on how we can help tame the data jungle!